A Practice Philosophy Pearl to Guarantee Success

I've operated my practice following this guiding principle for many years and I believe it has helped me have a very busy, very productive practice.

What do you think?

What philosophies do you have that have helped your practice thrive and be successful?

A Recent Patient Case

Dr Chasolen often likes to start his course by sharing the very last case he saw prior to coming to teach the course.

Watch as he explains the challenging situation of this particular patient and how he handled it.

We share this to show you that Dr Chasolen spends 170+ days a year in the chair seeing actual patients so when he shares his experience and expertise, it's not some theory based off what was working a few years ago.

It's CURRENT, "this JUST happened" knowledge that he shares.

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What Others Are Saying

Curious what others have said about their experience at a Chasolen Education course?

These are just a few attendee comments from a recent course.

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What Case Is NOT A Case I Should Treat Periodontally?

At most courses or seminars these days, treating cases periodontally is quite often overlooked, if not outright ignored in favor of just talking implants or regenerative materials.

Over the years I've learned to trust my experience and instincts and if there's any question as to whether or not a case should be treated periodontally, the answer is without a doubt, "Absolutely!"

Of course, I've developed confidence in my assessments and treatment plans that help me arrive at this conclusion.

For you, it's vitally important to develop that same confidence as well because you need to convey confidence to your patients in order to gain their buy-in.

What do you think? How do you approach your cases?

Denture Occlusion – The Opposing Arch Is Often Ignored

Denture occlusion:

Too often, the opposing arch is ignored. I see this all the time.

This opposing occlusion is problematic for many reasons:

  1. The lower right second molar is an unavoidable interference.
  2. The existing wear on the lower teeth are concerns for not only the health of the teeth themselves, but the inability to couple the denture set up occlusion to the lower arch without creating occlusal instability. 
  3. The missing #18 and 19 make any attempt at balancing the occlusion impossible.

This is a great example of the use of Hanau’s Quint to understand the implications of the occlusion on stability.

Hanau discussed 5 factors that influence creating a balanced occlusion:

  1. Condylar inclination
  2. Incisal guidance
  3. Orientation of the occlusal plane
  4. Compensating curve
  5. Cusp height

Condylar inclination is not alterable. But the understanding of the interplay between the occlusal plane, compensating curve and the cusp of height position is critical to understand how the occlusion will behave during function. 

And although the compensating curve is set with denture teeth and not necessarily applicable to this case with lower natural teeth, the point is that not treating this lower occlusion will make success with this upper denture very difficult if not impossible.

This may seem simple and intuitive, but it is amazing how often I see this. And no it’s not a scan, print, mill or implant and bone graft, it is a critical principle that affects the patient’s ability to function and eat normally.

Treat comprehensively. Win the outcome.

How I Developed My Approach To and Philosophy About Effective Dentistry

Many years ago I learned from several of my mentors the importance of doing 'clean' dentistry, and this clip offers just a bit of insight into how I developed my approach to treatment and philosophy about effective restorative dentistry:

What's your approach to dentistry and treatment philosophy?

How did you arrive at such?

Please leave your comments below.