Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

This case illustrates the benefit of restorative dentistry and it’s ongoing serviceability and extended prognosis enhanced by the team work with a periodontist.

So what I am showing here is a completely unrelated x-ray to the case below it. The x-ray illustrates a case shown on an online forum in the mid 2000’s. People were raving about the excellent outcome of the implants. I can see many questionable things about the implant treatment plan and execution. I honestly have no idea if the case survived or not. There are many risk factors associated with this case that may have caused problems along the way. And this is backed up by the large number of very similar looking implant cases that we see failing on a daily basis.

The case I sure below the x-ray is a case that I treated with Danny Melker.

It was actually intended to be a bone graft and implant case. The posterior teeth were never intended to be saved. But the patient changed her mind midstream and requested to save her teeth for many personal reasons.

Danny perform biologic shaping on the molars with soft tissue graft. I treated the case with traditional natural tooth fixed bridgework. Following the exact protocols that Danny and I follow to treat these cases. The final photograph an x-ray are 14 years postop. I would challenge anyone to argue the rationale for this treatment and question the success of this case at 14 years postop given the extremely debilitated condition of the teeth and the periodontal condition prior to the initial treatment.

This case is proof of concept that even debilitated natural teeth can be treated and saved. Restorative dentists need excellent periodontists and periodontists need excellent restorative dentists. Enjoy the blatant absence of titanium!!! Restorative Dentistry.

Daniel Melker

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