Perio Restorative in its Purist Form

Chasolen Education & Research Center

This was a case I did circa 2007. It was Perio restorative in its purist form. It began with a discussion regarding tooth #3. This resulted in a full mouth reconstruction for a variety of dental, biologic, occlusal and cosmetic issues.

Important to the case was the fact that the molars, especially #3, would have been hopeless without the team combined approach of Daniel Melker and myself utilizing cores, provisional restorations, biological shaping and meticulous restorative.

The final image here was at the 12 year post op. No issues. No endo. Perfect.

Obviously, this was done in an analogue workflow. And to that point, principles of treatment are just that. Principles. So, today, I would easily do this digitally with different materials. But there sits the case. 12 plus years post op looking arguably better than the day of delivery.

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