• Implant Prosthetics

    Fall 2019
  • Simplifying Occlusion

  • Treatment Planning & Creating The Concierge Restorative Dental Practice

    2019- 2 dates Available!
  • Restorative Excellence

  • The Masters Study Club


Implant Prosthetics : Fundamentals & Beyond

October 25-26, 2019

The Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach Howard M. Chasolen, D.M.D. , Bill Marais, RDT

A Two-Day Prosthetics Program for ALL Restorative Dentists, Surgeons and Lab Technicians

Successful implant outcomes are realized with the mastery of the fundamentals. Learn them - and much more - at Chasolen Education’s Implant Prosthetics: Fundamentals & Beyond seminar.

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Simplifying Occlusion

WALT DISNEY WORLD SWAN AND DOLPHIN Howard M. Chasolen, D.M.D. , Barry H. Glassman, D.M.D.

Master the philosophies of occlusal reconstruction and the issues that go along with it

Without a doubt, one of the most popular and confusing topics in restorative dentistry is the ongoing debate regarding occlusion. Occlusion has two very distinct applications in today’s dentistry. The first application is occlusion and its relationship to restorative dentistry. The second is occlusion and its relationship to TMD, facial pain, joint dysfunction and the reported associations with headache and upper quarter pain patterns. Through case presentations and scientific literature, this one of a kind program will finally explain the difference between these two very different yet critically important scenarios.

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Treatment Planning & Creating The Concierge Restorative Dental Practice

February 22-23, 2019 / September 20-21, 2019

The Chasolen Education and Research Center Howard M. Chasolen, D.M.D.

Philosophy, Treatment Planning & Total Patient Management

All participants leave with a detailed, written and digital treatment plan for their actual patient and the understanding of how to do this for every patient.

Available February and August 2019!! Limited space available

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Restorative Excellence : From Diagnosis to Delivery

May 3-4, 2019

The Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach Howard M. Chasolen, D.M.D. , Daniel J. Melker, D.D.S.

Increasing quality and profitability of your restorative work IMMEDIATELY!

If you want to do more precise, meticulous cosmetic and restorative dentistry….this 2 day program is a MUST!!!!!

Dr. Howard Chasolen and Dr. Daniel Melker will present the most unique restorative dental program you have seen. A complete detailing of the steps required to produce beautiful and profitable cosmetic and restorative dentistry will be covered.

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The Masters Study Club

Chasolen Education and Research Center Howard M. Chasolen, D.M.D.

A Unique Educational Opportunity

Using the case presentation (Grand Rounds) method, important concepts will be illustrated which will allow the restorative dentist to gain an appreciation of the intricacies of todays current treatment concepts. The second hour of each class will be devoted to YOUR cases. You can send a case or bring a case which will be presented it along with a treatment plan and discussion of every aspect of it.

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Attendees Speak

"The course was extremely informative with great course content and great presenters!"..."

Khristi Poidmore, D.D.S.
Tuscon, AZ
"There are least several billion previously restored teeth yearly that need restorative replacement. In his seminars, Dr. Chasolen shows how..."

Joseph C. Serfleck, D.D.S.
New Berlin, WI