Comprehensive Treatment

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Case treated in November 2005. Patient was new to the area from New Jersey. She had been seeing the same dentist for years. The dentist told her if she ran into a dentist in Florida that told her there was anything wrong that she should leave immediately because everything was in perfect shape. We need comprehensive treatment.

Point of this case is to discuss the benefits of the comprehensive treatment that involved periodontal  care to save teeth. Of course a core and professional was required. But the point of this case is to highlight the fact that it was the interdisciplinary approach that saved her teeth especially tooth #2. Biologic shaping and the team approach has allowed her to keep not only the quadrant but specifically #2 for over 16 years now.

Eliminating obstacles that downgrade restorative prognosis through periodontal care and the team approach is critical but simple. I couldn’t do it without my periodontist.

Daniel Melker

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