Eye Opening!

Cutting edge education on major restorative procedure. A must do course if you want to grow in your skills and keep current in dentistry.  Read more

Absolutely glorious program

Absolutely glorious program, very enlightening. I would highly recommend this course to anyone hoping to do high- quality , long-lasting dental/restorative work.  Read more

Implants are not magic

I heard Dr. Melker when I was starting my Prosthodontics residency. Now that several years have gone by, I totally see this perio and restorative information with a different more…  Read more

This was my first CE course

This was my first CE course out of dental school. I am extremely grateful for having had this opportunity to learn from you guys and truly believe more so than…  Read more

Dr. Chasolen exceeded expectations

After hearing Dr. Melker speak to our study club, I was excited to attend Restorative Excellence. Dr. Chasolen exceeded my expectations! Revitalizing the art of restoring teeth with the gum…  Read more

Cannot recommend it enough

"This class [Implant Prosthetics] should be a prerequisite for anyone restoring implants, as well as placing them. I have been twice and cannot recommend it enough ... and since more…  Read more